Cyber Monday Final Day of Weekend Bargains

Reports suggest 140 million shopped between Thursday and Sunday (National Retail Federation).  That's about 60% of American adults.  It's bliss for the bargain hunter and a boost for big businesses.  I'm talking about the weekend after Thanksgiving

"There are some good deals that you don't want to miss out on," said shopper Ashley Cook.

Thousands pack stores on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and then shut down the internet on Cyber Monday.   But, not everyone wants in.

"I never got caught up in any of the Black Friday stuff."

Others are simply unaware.

"I'm not even 100% percent sure I know what Cyber Monday is.  Cyber Monday?

"I don't like to participate in all the hype or anything like that."

It's hype that leads to fights, arguments, and chaos.  However, some agreed on one thing.. that the shopping frenzy is worth the hype, because it's relief for people struggling financially and it stimulates the nation's economy.

"It pours money into the economy which then in turn pours money into people's pockets which then pours money back into the economy," said Decatur resident, Adam Fisher.

"A lot of people are struggling with their jobs and dealing with their finances so any type of day that comes along where there's a special type of deal or promotion I think it does deserve a lot of attention," said Connell Gray.

Just last year, stores began opening their doors on Thanksgiving creating what is now known as Gray Thursday.  So based on this expansion, it doesn't look like this tradition is slowing down.

"I'm still going to participate, yes,"
Sales are still being counted, but consumer reports estimate shoppers spent $36 billion between Friday and today.

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