Shoppers Packed Downtown Decatur on Small Business Saturday


 On Saturday, shoppers spent less time in the big chain stores and more time at local shops.

"They've got a buy one get one half price ornament deal so I'll probably get more than one of two," said Katrina Miller while shopping at Haines and Essick.

Haines and Essick in Decatur is one of several small businesses that saw store traffic double.

"They've been in here since early this morning and it's been phenomenal," said Haines and Essick sales associate, Vicki McGorray.

Small Business Saturday is like Black Friday for local shops.  Similar deals with a slightly different goal.  Yes, money is the motive, but the greater goal is to remind people the importance of shopping locally.

"When you shop locally, you are reinvesting into your community," said McGoarray.  "You are saying I'm glad to live here.  I'm glad to keep these people going."

Last year, consumers nationwide spent a total of $5.7 billion on Small Business Saturday.  All of it a local shops.

"All of us around this community all support each other so, if you come in to help us, you're not only helping just Coney McKane's but you're also helping everybody else around here," said waitress, Jonnie Miller.

Chris Cooper, owner of the Main Hanger restaurant in Decatur says small businesses have a greater desire to please.

"When you're thinking about going out to eat, think about a mom and pop shop," said Cooper.  "Whether it's the main hanger restaurant or any other locally-owned restaurant business. You want to support these people because they're the ones that put their blood and their passion into their product."

All of the store managers I spoke with hope this momentum continues, not just on Small Business Saturdays, not only when they have good deals, but everyday.

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