Danville VA Medical Center Implements Visitor Restrictions

DANVILLE--After already experiencing an increase in the number of flu cases this early in the season, the Danville VA Medical Center is keeping tabs on who is let into the facility to keep the virus from spreading further.

Flu season usually peaks in the middle of winter, but at the VA Illiana Health Care System in Danville, more patients than usual are testing positive for the virus.

"I was surprised that it has already happened, but we are already seeing it," said Alissa Broderick, Chief of Quality Management at the facility. "So that's when we made the decision."

The decision to implement visitor restrictions recommended by the Illinois Department of Public Health, earlier than it ever has before. Starting Monday, veteran inpatients will only be allowed two visitors at a time, and they cannot be sick or under the age of 18.

"This is just to try and minimize the amount of people that are in the medical center while flu strains are circulating in the community," said Broderick. "There's also been an increase in the community so we don't want those brought in to our, our veterans."

Those veterans that show up at the medical center seeking treatment for flu symptoms must wear a mask during their visits. And all those that frequent the facility are being asked to get their shots.

"We are continuing to encourage our staff to get vaccinated if they haven't already gotten vaccinated, and all of our veterans to get vaccinated," said Broderick. "It is the best way to prevent the flu."

The temporary policies are expected to last for the remainder of the flu season. The restrictions will stay in place until their are no patients displaying flu symptoms.
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