Central Illinois woman's prison sentence reduced to probation

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CHAMPAIGN - A Champaign County woman who was serving a 42-month prison sentence in connection with the 2013 death of her cousin has had her sentence reduced to probation.

Officials say Katie Daly pleaded guilty in the spring of 2014 in the death of her cousin, 19-year-old Annie Daly.  Authorities say Katie Daly originally faced aggravated driving under the influence when the all-terrain vehicle she was driving tipped over, inflicting the internal injuries that later led to the death of Annie Daly.

On Monday, an appellate court ruled that Judge Richard Klaus abused his discretion when he refused to accept a plea deal negotiated by Daly's attorney and State's Attorney Julia Rietz, and when he sentenced Daly to 42 months in prison.

According to Rietz, the appellate court found that when making those decisions, Klaus had placed too much weight on the outcome of Katie Daly's actions, and not enough weight on Daly's rehabilitative potential.

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