$11 Minimum Wage Bill Gets Tweak

 The sponsor of a proposal to raise the state's minimum wage says she's tweaking the bill following a Chicago City Council vote to raise that city's wage.

Democratic State Senator Kimberly Lightford of Maywood says she hopes to file legislation that would raise the state's wage incrementally to $11 an hour for workers 18 and older by 2019.  Previously the wage would have hit $11 in 2017.

Chicago aldermen overwhelmingly approved raising the city's wage to $13 by 2019 on Tuesday. Lightford says Chicago's rate would be protected under her bill, but the city would be prevented from raising its wage higher than that.

She says other municipalities around the state would have to cap their minimum wage at the state rate once the legislation became effective in July.  -Doug Wolfe & Ed Cross at the Illinois State Capitol.  WAND News - NBC

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