Illinois House passes same-day voter registration legislation

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SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois House has approved legislation that makes extended early voting and same-day voter registration permanent.

State lawmakers approved the legislation in a 70-44 vote on Wednesday.  Lawmakers previously approved the temporary use of same-day voter registration for the 2014 election.  According to one of the bill's co-sponsors, Barbara Currie, the legislation will help increase participation.

Supporters of the legislation say that voters in Illinois should have the opportunity to register and cast a ballot through Election Day, with its popularity proved by long lines at same-day registration locations.  However, opponents of the legislation say that it's too early to tell if it will help increase voter turnout, and that more data is needed.

The legislation also makes it easier for people to vote on college campuses, and allows extended early voting.  The measure now moves the the Illinois Senate for consideration.

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