MacArthur Grad Helps Perfect Space Capsule Landing

     DECATUR-Many of our parents tell us that the sky is the limit.  But for John Daum -- the limit for his son goes beyond that into deep space.  His son who went to school in Decatur, and then college in Central Illinois works at NASA.
    Jared has been employed at NASA for four years. His part of the mission is the last 20 seconds.
    He had to make sure the parachutes opened that they opened slowly so that it wouldn't jerk around the spacecraft.
    And as the capsule hit the water, he had to make sure it disengaged so that the parachutes blew off.
    Jared's father says he's proud his son got the chance to be involved in the Orion space exploration mission and that his experiences in Illinois made it possible.  
    "They can have a dream, they can pursue that dream and that we here in Decatur have all the resources and all of the skills necessary to help our kids grow up to do what they want to do with their lives," say Daum.
    Jared graduated from Decatur's MacArthur High School in 2005 -- then went to the U of I.
    He had a full ride scholarship to play trumpet but two years in changed his major to aerospace engineering.

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