Gun Sales Soar

     MACON- Gun sales are way up this holiday season.  On Black Friday the FBI reported that more than 175 thousand people applied for background checks. That day is the second largest day in American history the first being the week after Sandy Hook.
    At the Bullet Trap in Macon, this is usually the busy time of year. But sales have shot up nearly 40 percent over last year at this time.
    Owner Dan Cooley says there are a few reasons.  He says concealed carry has created demand.  He also says there are some good deals from the manufacturers and that this year the supply is better.
    He says last year some types of guns and ammunition were hard to find.
    But he says national news events have been a big reason for the boom.  
    "There's a lot of unrest going on right now," says Cooley.  "You've got the Ferguson situation, New York.  Just all around the country, there's a lot of unrest.  I think it's on some people's minds to some extent.  And the times we live in warrant some type of protection, whether we like it or not."
    Cooley says he's also seen an increase in women buying guns.  He says now they make up upwards of 40 percent of his customers.

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