Girl with Cancer Asks for Cards at Christmas

    MATTOON-Eight-year-old Kaitlen Thompson from has cancer of the optic nerve.  She found out last year on Christmas day.
   Kaitlen's mom, Mary Luna, says she knew something was wrong when Kaitlen's eye appeared to be bulging.
    Doctors told her surgery is not an option for the cancer which spread to her pituitary gland.
    Right now, Kaitlen is undergoing chemotherapy at st. Louis children's hospital.
    But this year, the family hopes for a brighter Christmas than last year by receiving Christmas cards.
    There's even a group on facebook encouraging anyone to write to Kaitlen. 
    "It would make her happy," Luna says.  "She'd love it.  She loves getting mail, she loves the attention, she loves to see that people care. Because kaitlen, she's a caring one."
    Luna says her daughter has an incredibly positive attitude and says she's going to beat this cancer.
    If you'd like to send her a card, send it to Kaitlen Thompson, 2516 Charleston Ave, Mattoon, IL. 61938

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