Pawprint Ministries - Love With Fur

Decatur – Like a lot of ministries this group in Decatur provides a lot of love and care.  And in this case, a wet nose and four paws.

Pawprint Ministries is a charitable organization that uses specially trained dogs to aid storm victims, the sick and wounded veterans.  A simple hug or petting the dog may be enough to give a troubled individual a few minutes of relief.

“They were picked at birth to be therapy comfort dogs,” said Judy Koshinski of Decatur.  Judy handles Eli, a dog used with veterans and wounded warriors.

The idea of obtaining the dogs and setting up Pawprint Ministries came from the November 2013 tornado that devastated Washington, Illinois.

“While we were there we met a team of comfort dogs,” Executive Director Jennifer Dahn told WAND News.  “Right then and there I knew I wanted one for our community.”  Jennifer handles Payton.  Payton is used with children in schools, nursing care facilities and hospitals.  There is also a religious message behind the ministry.

“We are there just to show the love of Jesus to others,” Jennifer stated.  “When you're having a bad day, that is the one and only hope that you can go back to is that he will always be there with you.”

Besides Eli and Payton, Pawprint Ministries hopes to add two to three more trained dogs in 2015.

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