2 Illinois men sentenced to 95 years in prison

MARKHAM - Two Illinois men convicted of first-degree murder in a 2010 shooting death have received 95 years in prison.

Authorities say Jabriel Anderson, 21, and Corey Anderson, 24, were sentenced after being convicted in the death of Adam Martinez.

Prosecutors say Jabriel Anderson was involved in a fight with another man on May 12, 2010.  Authorities say Jabriel called Corey Anderson and Jason Burns, 23, to help him.  According to prosecutors, Corey Anderson brought a gun and gave it to Burns, who then approached a car in which Martinez was sitting, and fatally shot him in the head.  However, prosecutors say Martinez was not the man that Jabriel had fought.

Authorities say Burns is currently serving a 35-year prison term.
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