Prison Escapee Arrested on U of I Campus

URBANA, Ill – WAND News has learned an inmate who escaped from a federal prison in Terre Haute was arrested on the University of Illinois campus last night.

Michael Ward, 61, was arrested by the University of Illinois Police at the Undergrad Library, located at 1402 W. Gregory Drive.

Ward was immediately transferred to the Champaign County jail, and U.S. Marshals have been notified of his capture.

A University of Illinois police officer on a routine walkthrough of the building took notice of Ward's suspicious behavior as he wandered the Undergraduate Library on Monday evening. In particular, the officer noticed Ward's off-white, knit bag typically issued to prisoners. Ward was deceptive upon questioning, but records indicated that he was a wanted fugitive.

Ward was serving 10 years in the minimum security complex for fraud.

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