Tips to Avoid Holiday Theft

 DECATUR-The Macon County Sheriff's Office says you should be proactive to avoid being a victim this holiday season.
    A recent poll from Allstate shows that theft claims are 5 percent greater during the holidays
    Sergeant Scott Flannery with the sheriff's department says to keep both your home and garage locked when you are away.
    He also says you may want to have your Christmas tree and presents away from street windows.
    And he suggests having someone keep an eye on your house if you're out of town.
    "Let your neighbors know if you're going to be gone, so if they see someone," Sgt. Flannery says.  "The sheriff's department has a program, you can call us and we'll do home vacation checks.  So call us if you're out of town and we'll drive by your house once or twice a day just to make sure everything is ok."
    Another tip he gives is to not post the photos of presents or where you're headed out of town on social media.

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