Year-Round Prescription Drug Disposal

 DECATUR-At the police department, there's a new drop box where now you can get rid of prescription meds all year round.
    The box is a gift from St. Mary's hospital.    
    People can drive up, pull the handle, put their unwanted medicine in and the pills drop down.
    Every day the police collect the medication and then it is safely destroyed.
    The idea behind it is to help keep prescription drugs out of the hands of people who shouldn't be taking them such as children, teens and drug abusers.
    They're hoping making it available all day every day will help keep excess prescription drugs off the streets.
    "We have put together drug collection days, but it wasn't every day of the year," says Crime Prevention Officer Shawn Guenther.  "This is something giving people the opportunity to drop every day of the year."
    On the box there's a list of what they accept and things that cannot be dropped into the bin.

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