An Act of Kindness Brings Woman to Tears

It wasn't a typical morning for care salesman Ben Bergner.

"I was anxious," he said, pacing the showroom floor.

He knew that someone's life was soon about to change.

"It's about people first."

Ben has been plotting a Christmas giveaway all week.  It all went down Saturday afternoon.

"This is your new car,” he said as he walked Naomi Leach, the lucky recipient on to the show room floor.  “This is from Santa."

"You playing with me," said Leach in a state of shock.

But this holiday helper isn't a man in a red suit.  Joining her at the reveal was local resident, Peggy, the woman behind it all.  She met Naomi at a Goodwill store in Springfield.  After learning she was a struggling single mother, she felt compelled to lift her spirits. 

"When I saw what she was driving to a night job 5 days a week, 60 miles round trip, all I could think of was mm mm mm," said Peggy.

Her next move?

"I called my bank and said I want a personal loan, and they said we can have that for you in 24 hours.

Then she called on Ben and a deal was made.  Naomi couldn't be happier.

"I didn't know how God was going to bless me with it, but he did,” said Leach.  “And I'm grateful for it.  I'm very grateful."

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