Champaign police make 4 arrests in armed robbery

CHAMPAIGN - Champaign authorities say four individuals face armed robbery charges related to an incident that happened during the early morning hours of December 20.

Champaign police say four University of Illinois students were walking at Fifth and Clark Streets when they were approached by four individuals.  One of the individuals displayed a gun, and two of the victims' cell phones were taken.  Other witnesses who saw the robbery called 911, and the suspects ran from the scene.

Authorities say Champaign police officers located the four suspects nearby, two inside a screened porch, and the other two nearby.  Officers say they recovered the victims' phones, and evidence linking the four suspects was gathered.  Officers also say a gun wrapped in a sweatshirt was located in the path traveled by the suspects.

According to Champaign County State's Attorney Julia Rietz, 18-year-old Jason Duckworth, 17-year-old Isaac Forest, 16-year-old Shamar Johnson, and 17-year-old Andre Waddy were the four suspects arrested in connection with this incident.  Rietz says all four are expected to be charged as adults with armed robbery.  Under Illinois law, juveniles ages 15 and order facing an armed robbery charge will be charged as an adult if a handgun was used in the crime.
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