Pharmacists Running Low on Tamiflu


DECATUR - In one month the severity of Influenza activity in Illinois went from local to widespread. While many people are taking over the counter medications, some also are trying to fill prescriptions for Tamiflu. However some local pharmacists are running low.

 Dale Colee the owner of Dale's Southlake Pharmacy in Decatur said, "warehouses have it now on allocation. I can order ten or 12 of them and they can only send me three at the most."

Colee has two suppliers he uses for Tamiflu, so when one can't send him the drug, he said, he goes to the other supplier. On Monday morning he had eight boxes of Tamiflu in stock, by the afternoon he only had three boxes.

 "Last week were were flooded with boxes. This week we have none and then we wanted to order from both locations and they were out of it," Colee added.

A Walgreens on Pershing and Monroe Streets, Pharmacist Andrew Hartman said, when one supplier is out, they have a backup plan.

"Currently we have an ample amount of Tamiflu on hand and we just received a fresh stock this morning," Hartman said.

This fight for Tamiflu will most likely end when the flu season ends.

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