Alton police captain suspended amid evidence destruction allegations

EDWARDSVILLE - Southwestern Illinois authorities say an Alton police captain has been suspended for allegedly wrongly destroying evidence in various criminal cases.

The police captain is the second Alton Police Department official to be suspended for allegations regarding the wrongful destruction of evidence.  Authorities say the captain has not been charged, and the captain's attorney says the suspension is unwarranted, and that the captain's hearing before the Alton Civil Service Commission is scheduled for next month.

Authorities say the first person suspended by the department, Jonathan Forrler, 38, was indicted by a grand jury earlier this month on a felony count of official misconduct.  The charges stem from allegations of wrongly destroying evidence in a sexual assault case.  Forrler was the police department's evidence officer.

According to Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons, notice has been filed in 130 criminal cases, informing defendants and their attorneys about the destruction of evidence in their cases.
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