Dozens Line Up in Savoy to Watch "The Interview"

Cyber attacks and threats from North Korea weren't enough to keep moviegoers away from a local theater on Thursday.  Fans of the movie, The Interview, lined up outside The Savoy 16, one of the few movie theaters that started showing the controversial film this evening.

The Sony pictures film was supposed to be released nationwide Thursday. but that release was canceled.  The group that the FBI is holding responsible for the November cyber attack on Sony's corporate network, also threatened to physically attack any theater that showed the film. 

The storyline follows two men hired to assassinate North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.  This Tuesday, Sony made a bold step, giving nearly 300 movie theaters approval to play the movie starting today.  Fans say they aren't letting anonymous threats keep them from a little entertainment.

"I think we're going to be just fine," said moviegoer Maria McLaughlin.

Joining the Savoy 16 is the Art Theatre in Champaign.  It will begin showing the film on January 2, 2015.

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