Springfield's stolen gun recovery rate lower than national average

SPRINGFIELD - Officials say the recovery rate for stolen firearms in Illinois' capital is much lower than the national average.

Authorities say from January 2012 through this month, 291 guns were reported stolen in Springfield.  Of that number, only 13, or about 4.5 percent, were recovered.  In comparison, 84 guns were stolen in Bloomington since 2012, with six, or 7.1 percent being recovered.

Both numbers are below the national average recovery rate of about 17 percent.  According to the Justice Department's National Crime Victimization Survey, an average of 232,400 guns were reported as stolen each year from 2005 through 2011.

Authorities also say 66 percent of firearms that were reported stolen in Springfield were handguns.  In most cases, only one gun is stolen per report.
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