Make Some Financial Resolutions

 DECATUR-From pumping iron, to eating healthier, people make New Years resolutions to get fit. But what about whipping your finances into shape?
    Karalee Misner at Land of Lincoln Credit Union says saving is important and she says when spending there's an important question to ask:
"Is this a need or is this a want?  And that will help you weigh out if it's really worth purchasing at that time, or if it's going to help you reach your goals," Misner says.
    She says another priority for consumers should be tackling debt, especially high interest debt.
    "Paying down debt is a great way to accelerate your savings because debt is very, very expensive," Misner says.
    Dave White at Sikich in Decatur helps people make the most out of tax benefits.  He recommends maxing out your 401k, if you can but if you can't, "try to start small, have a little bit taken out of your pay, and you'll see a smaller tax bill and you'll put away some money for your retirement."

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