Concealed Carry Turnout Lower Than Some Expected

    MACON- It has been nearly a year since Illinois concealed carry law went into effect. As of mid-December, there are more than 90 thousand people who can carry concealed. But that is far fewer than some predicted.
    Last year ISP predicted between 300 and 400 thousand people would apply. Dan Cooley, owner of the Bullet Trap in Macon says he imagines far fewer have actually applied.
    He says there was an initial rush--with training classes booked up.  But he says it has slowed down considerably since then.
    In general he says it costs folks between 300 and 500 dollars after paying for classes and other fees, which pushes some people away. He also say the 16 hours of class required is another deterrent.
    "It's probably about what I expected to be honest with you," Cooley says.   "I would have likes to have kept pace with what we were doing, but that wouldn't have happened to be honest with you."
    Cooley says they are still offering classes and that people are still participating.

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