Shooting victim laid to rest as Champaign police continue search for his killer

CHAMPAIGN--A Champaign man who was shot and killed at a friendly gathering last week was laid to rest Tuesday, while police continue to search for the person who pulled the trigger.

"At this stage there's been no arrests made," said Troy Daniels, Champaign Police Department's Deputy Chief.

Forty-year-old Rashidi Overstreet died last Monday morning after being gunned down during a gather inside a home in the 400-block of Brookwood Drive. An Urbana man was also shot and seriously injured during the confrontation.
"We believe that the people who came to that residence, knew that they were coming to that residence for a purpose and for a reason," said Daniels. "We don't believe that this was by accident."

Champaign police are not releasing how many people were inside the residence when shots were fired or how many suspects they are considering. But they do say they have received some information from those inside, but more will be needed before any arrests are made.

"We feel strongly that there are people that have information," said Daniels. "They want to come forward but they may be too afraid to--we need them to come forward."

Because even the smallest detail could make a difference.

"That little bit of information that someone thinks they have, that could be just what we need to piece this together," said Daniels.

So justice can be served for a man whose life was suddenly torn apart.
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