Playing it Safe for New Year's

From New Year's Eve and into the weekend, Sgt. Brad Kane said, more Illinois State Police officers will be on the roads making sure drivers are playing it safe. That is because more people are drinking at holiday parties and then hitting the roads.

"Don't risk getting in a crash being impaired and always have a designated driver," Sgt. Kane said.

For many people who don't follow the rules, Sgt. Kane said, "they're subjecting themselves to field sobriety testing and if they fail, they could be arrested for a DUI," Sgt. Kane added.

Lieutenant Wenzel with the Illinois State Police said, for some it'll be their first time getting pulled over while intoxicated and for others they just don't care. Regardless if it's a first time offender or a repeat offender, getting arrested for a DUI is expensive.

"Especially if they are involved in a crash, it could be in the tens of thousands of dollars," Sgt. Kane added.

Then you would need an attorney, the offender would face prison time or community service and a maximum fine of $25,000.

To make sure you don't get pulled over while intoxicated, a drinking app could come in handy. It's called Drink Control and it tracks and converts your alcohol intake. It'll let you know when you've gone over a limit set by moderate drinking guidelines. It also lets you know how much you've spent on drinks and calories you've had. It's available on both I-phones and Androids.

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