2 charged in alleged jail escape attempt

DANVILLE - Eastern Illinois authorities say two men face charges after an alleged failed attempt to escape from the Vermilion County Jail.

Authorities say the escape attempt began on Tuesday when Tyler Jones, 19, was placed into a holding cell.  Jones was scheduled to be released from the jail that day.  According to Captain Rod Kaag, Jones allegedly switched shirts with Larry Woodard, 20, who stepped forward when Jones' name was called out by a corrections officer.  Kaag says Woodard was then released instead of Jones.  

After Woodard's release, authorities say Jones began to hit his cell, asking why he had not been released yet.  Woodard was arrested by police a short time later.

Authorities say Woodard has been charged with escape in connection with this incident, and Jones has ben charged with aiding an escape.  Woodard was originally arrested for failing to appear for drug court hearings.
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