Take Precautions Against Workplace Germs

     DECATUR-Germs at work are pretty inevitable. 60 percent of workers fess up to coming to work sick.
    But you can take precautions to stay healthy.
    With just one sick person, it only takes a few hours before up to 60 percent of frequently touched surfaces are contaminated.
    That's why experts suggest you make two investments-one in hand sanitizer and another in disinfectant wipes.
    They suggest you should wipe down your phone, keyboard and mouse every day.  And use sanitizer after touching communal items like doorknobs, light switches, and vending machines.
    Germ expert Tricia Holderman says mom's hand washing advice is still the best out there.
    "Keep in mind, even if you are doing a good job keeping your hands clean, the next person may not be, so the reason we tell you to wash your hands before you eat as well as after you eat is because you want to get all the germs you've collected through the day," Holderman says.
    Holderman's research shows the average employee touches 40 items in just one hour.

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