Police say slow down to stay safe this winter season

DECATUR—Winter weather has arrived and with it comes an increase in car crashes.

“The first two or three winter storms we have are our highest volume in accidents,” said Sgt. Michael Hawkins, of the Macon County Sheriff's Office.

On Sunday alone, Illinois State Police in District 10 responded to more than a dozen accidents along I-74 and I57, some of which resulted in minor injuries.

Macon County Sheriff's Deputies say crashes are just as common back roads as well.

“A lot of them are rear-end accidents at stoplights,” said Hawkins. “People not giving themselves enough time to stop before a red light.”

And when they try to stop too quickly.

“The worst thing you can do is slam on your brakes,” said Hawkins. “Just try to correct with your steering wheel.”

Slick streets are not the only wintertime worry for drivers. As temperatures continue to drop, the ground continues to freeze, which means more damage to you and your vehicle if you're in a rollover crash.


“In the winter time, you have to know what you are capable of doing, and how to recover when you slide,” said Hawkins. “The most important thing is getting to your destination, not what time you get there.”

In case your trip is interrupted by an accident, authorities advise having a safety kit with food, water and warm clothing readily available.

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