Low Gas Prices Drive Up Large Vehicle Sales

     DECATUR-Gas is just over $1.70 per gallon at many Soy City gas stations.  And it's having a big impact on the local economy.
    Spending less each month to fill up means more money in consumers' pockets.  And car dealers couldn't be happier about it.
    In particular, low gas prices have boosted demand for pickup trucks and large sport utility vehicles.
    At Poage in Forsyth, they nearly ran out of trucks in December, because they sold so many.
    Sales Manager Dan Millman says auto-maker incentives coupled with low gas prices inspired many people to buy new.  
    He says in the past couple of years, with the price per gallon sometimes topping 4 dollars, cars and trucks have become much more fuel efficient and it's become a chief concern among buyers.
    But he says recently, .he hasn't heard many people asking about fuel economy on the auto room floor.
    "We haven't been hearing that very much," Millman says.  "Now we're hearing, can you believe it's a dollar 80 a gallon? So it just put people in a better mood."
    On average, across the country, gas prices are 34 percent lower than a year ago.

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