Woman Back in Home Months After Explosion

     DECATUR-When a gas leak caused a vacant home to explode back in June, Dorothy Porter lost her home.     
Seven months later, the home is finished.  She moved in a week ago.  
    The house on North Monroe is complete.  It is a modular home that was delivered in two pieces.  
    It was quicker than starting from scratch and cheaper than fixing up the unlivable house.
    Tom Howard is a close friend of Porter, who is disabled.  
    He has helped in every step of the re-build and he even let Porter live with him while her home was finished.
    He says it has been a labor of love.
    "We just knew that Dorothy needed to be with us in the making of decisions and choices before we agreed upon this home," Howard says.  "It's been like a fruit--it's just blossomed, it's grown and know the fruit's been picked and now she's in her home.  She's excited about it, we're excited about it."
    He says they still have to put gutters on the home and take care of the landscaping and front walkway but those will have to wait until it gets warmer.

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