Helping People Foot the Bill Through Gofundme

Mattoon- From people trying to pay high medical bills to someone needing cash for an once-in-a-lifetime trip, crowdfunding accounts are set-up for just about anything. If you scroll through, you'll see dozens of people reaching out for donations.

For instance, Dustin Carmen created a fund for his mother and aunt Bonnie Diamond. Their Mattoon home was damaged in a fire that, they said, started in the attic then quickly tore through the kitchen.

"There's a lot of smoke damage that has to be cleaned up before we move in," Diamond said.

They also have to pay an electrician hundreds of dollars to fix the damage with money they said they don't have.

"I'm on a fixed income through social security, so I really can't afford a whole lot," Diamond added.

Carmen created the account to get the word out that his family needs help.

"We've raised more than $1,400 on the Gofundme and a lot of that was given by my best friends," Diamond said.

If you search for other Central Illinois sites you will find Erika Weaver's page. She told her story about how she is struggling to make it trough law school in Chicago while raising three kids three hours away.

When her son, Kylon Weaver was enrolled in a Chicago school they would, "go for a week then come back then stay for two or three days then have to do it all over again," Kylon Weaver said.

So her family is trying to raise $6,500 to help with gas, groceries and schooling during their hard process.

"If it was a perfect world, I would want my family to be together. . . a perfect world means we are just making it through life," Weaver added.

Hopefully through the generosity of others, giving money to help another, they will all be able to make it through life.

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