Barstool Open 2015!

DECATUR - You hit a few golf balls, then hit the bar.  How about hitting the ball inside the bar?  Might sound crazy, but thousands do it every year in Decatur.  The 14th annual Barstool Open is Saturday!  The city turns it's 57 bars into a golf course.  But competition will be stiff.  Over 2,000 people signed up.

"It's good times," said 5th year player, Mickey Sturgeon.  I get to hang out with my friends, and to be honest with you, drink a lot of beer."

Going from bar to bar all day long, playing miniature golf at each one.

"We contract out school buses to take everybody around all day long so they have a lot of fun and they can be safe," said organizer, Jenny Dawson.

Each course has a winning team, and they get a prize.

"A very much coveted, personalized, U.C.P. Miller Lite Barstool Open t-shirt with their team name on it saying that they're the winner," Dawson.

But the real winner is United Cerebral Palsy, an organization that provides resources for people with disabilities. 

"All the money that is raised stays right here in Central Illinois.  It doesn't go off to a national place.  It's stays right here in our  community, and helps people with disabilities right here in this area."

Decatur has bragging rights for having the biggest barstool open in the country.

"Bigger than double than our next largest competitor which is Kansas City," said Dawson.

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