Basic knowledge of civics could become a requirement to graduate high school

DECATUR – Could you pass a civics test that people wanting to become U.S. citizens are required to take and pass?

A survey from Newsweek found only 62 percent of Americans knew enough to pass the test.

It's enough to make some states want to make the test a requirement to graduate from high school.

Illinois State Representative Bill Mitchell, a Republican, is one of them.

“You know we're encouraging people to vote,” Mitchell said. “They should have at least the fundamental knowledge of American constitutional government.”

The state of Arizona became the latest state to enact such a law. The law requires students to pass a 100-question test in order to graduate.
Mitchell plans to introduce his version into the Illinois General Assembly this spring.

So how would you fare on a basic civics test? You can take a sample test by clicking on the link:

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