Decatur's 14th Annual Barstool Open is a Success!


DECATUR - 58 bars divided into 8 mini golf courses.

"I dont know how many I've done, but it's been many," said, Decatur resident, Tracy Peveler."

This is Barstool Open 2015.

"Hey, I've done pretty good so far," said Peveler.

Every January, thousands of people in Decatur shut the city down in a city-wide bar crawl.  There's a putting green at each bar, making each bar a hole in an eight hole course.  When there's beer involved, those holes get a little fuzzy.

"I say it makes me better," said second year player, Leon Lawrence.  "My team says it makes me worse."

Decatur adopted the idea 14 years ago and it's grown faster than ever.  It is said that Decatur's Barstool Open is the biggest in the country.  And even though some call this the party of the year, it's more than just fun and games.

"I have a cousin with cerebral palsy, so I feel like it's for a good cause," said Angela Curran.

All of the money raised through entry fees goes to United Cerebral Palsy, an organization that supports people with disabilities.

"My nephew had C.P., so I think it's a great cause to donate your money to, and everybody fun and celebrate."

And on top of that, Barstool Open is a boost for Decatur's economy because all of the bars are locally owned.

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