Door-to-door energy deals most likely a scam


DECATUR--It's becoming a common occurrence around Decatur: someone shows up at your door, promises to lower your energy costs, and then asks to see your current bill. But is the deal legitimate? 

For Karah Woods, it started on Thursday with nonstop knocking, and once the door opened, the power pitch began. 

"It was this lady claiming to be with Liberty Power," said Woods "And she was saying that the company that we use is dirty energy and that she provides clean energy and she wanted us to switch to it. And then she asked if she could see my power bill."

Woods refused at first, but the woman was relentless. 

"I was like 'is it going to cost me anything extra, am I changing from Ameren or anything like that, is it going to cost me more?' She said no," said Woods. "I was like 'Okay, At this point just sign me up for it if it's a scam I'll cancel it after.'"

Macon County Sheriff's deputies say they've seen an increase in the number of supposed power supplier representatives going door to door offering deals, and not all of them are legitimate. 

"I have heard of some people saying it has been a scam because they've tried to contact the parent company of the people that are providing this information to the homeowners and they are saying that they don't have anybody in the area trying to sell this stuff," said Lt. Jamie Belcher.

In Wood's case, the company does exist, but it's based out of state, which makes it harder to track down the solicitors.  

"I'm a little concerned because we did do a little more research into it and we found that their charge for kilowat kilowattr is almost double what we're currently paying," said Woods.

So authorities say instead of handing out your information, grab a hold of the suppliers'. 



"You want to find out who they are working for, get contact information for the company that they are working for," said Belcher. "If they refuse or say they cannot provide that information, go ahead and shut the door."

Something Woods wishes she would've done from the start. 

"I think it's just going to cause us some stress when we need to cancel it and all that," said Woods.

If you think you're being targeted by a scammer, call the Macon County Sheriff's Office with a description of the person, their car, and their license plate number. 

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