Three-year-old saves great grandmother's life

OAKLEY-- A three-year-old came to the rescue by making a phone call that saved her great-grandmother's life.

Aubree Riebe and her five-year-old brother David are typical toddlers: they're soft spoken and shy. But despite their young age, they've been taught to speak up when things seem wrong.

“When something happens, call mommy, I will figure it out,” said their mother, Jessica Wolfe.

“He programmed the numbers in and like her mother's number is two,” said Jessica's grandmother, Lena Wondia-Wolfe. “And we always taught her if you can't get a hold of grandpa, press two.”

That simple skill was life-saving last Thursday when Aubree and David went to their great-grandmother's house to play, only to find her unresponsive. Their great grandfather was out on the farm feeding the horses, so Aubree picked up the phone, pressed two, and told her mom what was happening.

“Mommy, grandma won't wake up,” said Wolfe, recollecting the call. “I said ‘shake her slap her do something,' and she was like, ‘me tried mommy, she wont wake up.'”   

Wolfe called 911 and rushed over to her grandmother, who was in a diabetic coma. When paramedics arrived, they were able to revive Wondia-Wolfe just in time for her to hear what they had to say to her great granddaughter.

“That ambulance driver reached down there once I had come to and was telling Aubree, ‘you know, you've done a wonderful thing for your grandmother,'” said Wondia-Wolfe. “And she said ‘why,' and he said, ‘because she could have passed away.”

“He was like, ‘just to let you know this little girl is what has your grandma still alive,'” said Wolfe.

Despite the scary situation, grandma is beyond grateful.

“It was wonderful, it was just wonderful knowing that my three-year-old could save my life like that,” said Wondia-Wolfe. “I couldn't live without them, I'm telling you.”    

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