More Budget Cuts for Mental Health Programs

DECATUR - Mental health providers in Macon County are worried  about the future.  A public meeting Tuesday evening detailed new state budget cuts that could do some damage.  Several organizations met to address unmet financial needs.  State Senator Chapin Rose was their to listen and respond.  He confirmed that budgets cuts will be happening and they will directly affect mental health programs in Illinois.  Local health providers are encouraged to reach out to state agency directors, and invite them to Decatur to show them how health programs impact the community.  Dennis Crowley, executive director of the Macon County Mental Health Board, is concerned about the future but hasn't lost all hope.

"We may have to try and serve more with less money, or we're going to have to make hard decisions about who gets served and who doesn't," said Crowley.  "And we will have to wait and see exactly what the budget says."

The budget cuts will also affect substance abuse programs and resources for people with developmental disabilities.

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