Video gambling in Illinois generates $165 million in tax revenue

SPRINGFIELD - Illinois officials say local governments and the state saw more than twice as much tax revenue generated by video gambling in 2014 than in 2013.

The State of Illinois received almost $165 million from video gambling in 2014, a big increase from $75 million in 2013.  Municipalities also saw a large increase, from $15 million in 2013 to $33 million in 2014.  However, the Illinois Gaming Board says casinos saw an $87 million drop in revenue in 2014.  The president of the Illinois Casino Gaming Association says the drop could be caused by the popularity of video gambling machines.

The first legal video gambling machines in Illinois went live in September 2012, and now there are more than 19,000 video gambling machines throughout the state.  The machines are currently banned in 175 municipalities throughout the state, 25 less than last year.

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