Skills Gap Survey: Work ethic, skills still lacking

COLES COUNTY - The No Job Left Behind initiative, which exists to facilitate conversations between educators and businesses with the intent of helping students and unemployed adults understand the jobs available in central Illinois, recently conducted a skills gap survey.

In the survey, 134 businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and IT sectors throughout Coles, Douglas and Moultrie Counties were asked to participate in forecasting the number of jobs they would need to replace or hire new in 2015.

Twenty three businesses responded confidentially, reporting that 505 jobs will need to be filled in 2015.  Forty eight percent of the jobs forecast were for replacement positions with the other 52% being new hires. 

Employers report that work ethics and soft skills are still lacking and if employees will show up, work hard and demonstrate initiative, the companies will help them gain the necessary skills needed for the jobs.

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