Rauner - Prevailing Wage Costing Taxpayers

Decatur – Governor Bruce Rauner is building support for his pro-business agenda in a multi city swing through Illinois. 

The new governor is renewing his call for cities to have the power to set up so-called “employee empowerment zones” with voter approval.  Counties, towns and cities would be able to attract businesses without those companies being required to unionize.

It's an idea that is not going over well with unions which oppose right to work laws.  Trade unions set up pickets outside of the Decatur Club Friday morning where the governor was speaking to the Decatur Chamber of Commerce.

Rauner also opposes the states “prevailing wage” law.  Prevailing wage requires non-union construction firms doing work on schools and government buildings to pay the prevailing union wage in that community.  It's an idea that Rauner says is costing taxpayer's money.

“There's thousands of companies who won't look to expand or invest in states that are closed shop or highly restrictive,” Rauner told State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.  “I want the counties or cities that want to compete for those companies, I want them to have the ability to compete for those.  That's all I'm asking.”

Rauner acknowledged that the Democratic controlled legislature, usually friendly to labor, would have to pass bills to make some of his ideas go into law.

(Pictured: Governor Rauner listens to a question from WAND TV State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe)

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