Bloomington man sentenced to 55 years in prison

BLOOMINGTON - Authorities say a Bloomington man convicted in the 2013 shooting death of another man has been sentenced to 55 years in prison.

Officials say Michael Mayes, 28, was convicted in January of killing Aaron Robinson, 27, during a May 2013 incident in which authorities say Mayes shot Robinson as he was running away.

Mayes told McLean County Judge Scott Drazewski that Robinson was allegedly a dangerous individual, and apologized to Robinson's family.  Authorities say the dispute between the two men ended in Robinson's driveway.

Mays' defense argued that he acted in self defense.  However, Drazewski says the self-defense claim lacked credibility, as Robinson was shot at close range while Mays was running.

In addition to the 55-year prison sentence, Mays has also been ordered to pay $4,800 to Robinson's family for funeral costs.

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