Lawmaker files bill to have IDPH clarify vaccination regulations

SPRINGFIELD - Legislation that would ask the Illinois Department of Public Health to clarify state regulations on whether children must be vaccinated has been filed by a state representative.

The bill, sponsored by State Representative Mike Zalewski, follows a reported measles infection at a day care center near Chicago.  Zalewski says the state's regulations on vaccinations could be clearer, and that the state public health department needs the opportunity to clarify the reasons that would allow children to opt out of vaccinations by the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

State lawmakers must approve any rule issued by the department.  Under current state regulations, older children in day care centers are generally required to have vaccinations.  However, measles vaccinations aren't recommended for children under the age of one.

More than 100 measles cases have been reported nationwide so far in 2015.

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