Commission created to review Illinois' criminal justice system

SPRINGFIELD - A new commission designed to find ways to reform Illinois' sentencing laws and criminal justice system has been formed by Governor Bruce Rauner.

The Illinois State Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform was created by an executive order that was issued by Rauner on Wednesday.  According to Rauner, the state is in "desperate need of criminal justice reform," stating that many of Illinois' prison are overcrowded, and that many offenders being sent back to prison after being released.

The commission's task is to study Illinois' entire criminal justice system, from the point where an individual is arrested to the point they are released from prison.

This push for reform could also see the support of Illinois Democrats, as Illinois Representatives are scheduled to meet on Wednesday to discuss the issue.  Illinois Senate President John Cullerton has also expressed interest in reforming the state's criminal justice system.
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