Report Outlines Union Spending

Springfield – Governor Rauner is already going toe to toe with state employee unions.  Now the Illinois Policy Institute is giving him some ammunition with a report on union expenditures.

The report shows those unions use membership dues for a wide variety of activities not always related to worker representation.

“They're spending a lot of dollars on unrelated things.  Overhead, administration, politics, lobbying.  It's not necessarily pure worker representation,” Kristina Rasmussen of the Illinois Policy Institute told WAND News.

The Policy Institute was able to obtain financial information regarding the unions from their own government filings.  Parties are among the things the unions spend money on.

“Very fancy with thousands of dollars spent on florists.  Lots of money spent on liquor for union employees as opposed to members,” Rasmussen said.

The Illinois Education Association, one of the unions mentioned in the report, calls it inaccurate and distorted.

(Pictured: Kristina Rasmussen)

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