Illinois Comptroller won't follow executive order on union dues

SPRINGFIELD - Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger has announced that she will not follow Governor Bruce Rauner's executive order to stop "fair share" union dues from being collected from non-union workers.

Rauner issued the executive order on Monday.  It would place the money that would be taken out for union dues and hold it in escrow until a lawsuit that Rauner filed earlier this week is settled.  According to Rauner, forcing 6,500 non-union workers to pay for the political activities of unions that they don't belong to is unfair.

However, Munger says that she will not follow the order, instead choosing yield to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's guidance on the matter.  Madigan's office says the fees are part of union contracts, and that Rauner's executive order doesn't apply outside the governor's office.

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