Do You Have a 'Soft' Addiction?

You hear the word addiction and maybe drugs, alcohol, or even caffeine comes to mind, but there are other fixations people crave.

Shopping, tanning, chewing ice, gambling, drinking soda and exercising are just a few of them.

Mike Lambdin, the Owner of Club Fitness said, "they try to push, push, push and their body will completely shut down."

That is when staying fit turns into compulsive habits and people start to obsess over each pound lost.

"So the attitude of the more I lift the more reps I do the bigger the stronger the healthier I will get, but your body won't work that way," Lambdin added.

What else can't people get enough of?

"People definitely enjoy their tattoos, especially around this time of year," Rated R Tattoo Artist Andrew Burger said.

If you ask Burger, having one or ten tattoos isn't a bad thing, but what happens chronic addictions become strange or those love handles are a little too hard to handle?

"A lot of people have an unhealthy relationship with food. They don't even realize they eat when they are not hungry," Becky Anderson the Owner of Physician's Choice Wellness said.

Anderson said, set a 21 day goal and stick to it. if you want to give up an addiction.

"Nutrition and exercise are two obvious disciplines, but it really is behavior. The big discipline," Anderson added.

Not all addictions are negative, just know if you start feeling guilty about your behavior then switch a potentially lifelong addiction back to a simple habit.

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