Budget Scalpel Cuts Hospital

Decatur – Hospitals throughout the state are trying to determine the impact of Governor Rauner's call to slash Medicaid spending by about $1.5 billion.  Many are financially fragile and may not be able to withstand a significant financial hit.

“That would undo the substantial progress that our hospitals have been making to transform the Medicaid program and the health care delivery system,” A.J. Wilhemi of the Illinois Hospital Association (IHA) told WAND Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.  “The state of Illinois needs to support their hospitals and health systems so that every person in this state has access to quality health care.”

The IHA says 40% of the hospitals in Illinois are running in the red right now.  Additional Medicaid cuts would have a significant negative impact on many here in central Illinois.  Smaller hospitals in rural areas and the city Chicago will feel the pinch.

“At the end of the day every person in the state deserves access to high quality health care,” Wilhelmi stated.

Democratic lawmakers are already planning to oppose the size of the Medicaid cuts.  Republican lawmakers are expected to hear from their local hospitals throughout the legislative session.

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