Web Exclusive: One on One with Springfield Mayor Mike Houston

Sam Johnson Sam Johnson
Jim Langfelder Jim Langfelder
SPRINGFIELD - One day after Springfield Mayor Mike Houston sat down exclusively with WAND reporter Ed Cross, the candidates for mayor started responding to what the mayor had to say.
"For majority of citizens all we have to go off of is what the media has reported, which is hard to be judged on what really happened as well what the Mayor did and did not do," said Sam Johnson, candidate for mayor. "If the Chief of Police and City Attorney was found guilty with out a doubt then I think they should have been fired then allowed to resign or 8 months later. That's if enough evidence supported their involvement, which we all know with in government nothing is ever what it seems so it makes it hard to know the truth. I believe more could have been done, there's never a limit on what could not have been done. If I was the mayor I would have been more transparent during the investigation for the best interest of the citizens."

Springfield City Treasurer and Mayoral Candidate Jim Langfelder also weighed in.  

 "With regards to record retention my office follows the Secretary of State Local Records Archives recommendations. As Mayor, I would have all city departments do the same."

WAND has reached out to all candidates for Springfield Mayor for comments. We will post their responses when we have them.

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