Lawmakers pushing for changes in Illinois' state gun laws

SPRINGFIELD - Several changes to Illinois' gun laws have been proposed by state lawmakers.

Some of the changes to the state's gun laws would ban residents from using 3-D printers to manufacture firearms, would allow retired prison guards to carry weapons, and would allow hunters to use silencers on their firearms.

The proposal to allow hunters to use silencers is among four proposals that have been introduced by State Representative Brandon Phelps.  That proposal is facing opposition from other lawmakers, including State Senator Dan Kotowski.

Kotowski contends that Phelps' proposal could lead to criminals getting their hands on silencers.  However, Phelps says the silencers will help hunters to hear more of their surroundings, adding that those who wish to use silencers must have a firearm owners' identification card and undergo a federal background check.
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