Decatur's Wildflour and Downtown Cafe are for Sale

Decatur- Two popular cafes in Decatur are on the market.  For both owners at Wildflour Artisan Bakery and Cafe and Downtown Cafe, it's about spending less time at work and more time with the ones they love.

"Well we don't live at home anymore. We live here. We sleep at home," said Kenneth Wingard, the Owner of Wildflour Artisan Bakery and Cafe.

"I could have retired a few years ago, but I just decided now I'm ready," said John Ninnemann, the Owner of Downtown Cafe.

John Ninnemann managed the food service business at private country clubs more than a decade ago, but he was looking for something else to do. He said he found an advertisement in the paper that said "Restaurant for Sale" and he and his wife bought it.

Twelve years later, "it's probably about twice as big as we started," Ninnemann added.

Now Ninnemann is ready to put the chairs up for good and find someone else to take over.

"It's like selling a house. Some day someone will come along and I will say that's perfect, that's exactly what I'm looking for," Ninnemann added.

For Kenneth and Kelly Wingard, they started out at a farmers market and never planned on having a bakery that now runs like a restaurant. Plus they have careers and own an antique shop.

"Between managing 30 vendors, having a booth, doing the restaurants doing taxes, doing writing, this has just become too much," Kelly Wingard said.

With too much on their plate, the owners want to spend more time with the ones they love.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the grand kids more than I do now," Kenneth Wingard said.

People in the community have reached out to the owners. However, they are still searching for future buyers. They are hoping to find people who care about the Decatur community and the downtown area.
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