After two months missing, family remains hopeful for man's safe return

URBANA--It's been 59 days since Cristian Zamora went missing in Urbana and his family is making sure the search for their loved one is not forgotten.

For Sandra Carrion, the unknown is just as terrifying as it is comforting.
"The hope I got is because see we did so many searches, the police did so many searches and we don't find any of his belongings," said Carrion. "We don't find his phone, we don't find anything."

It's been two months since anyone has seen or heard from her son: 23-year-old Cristian Zamora. The University of Illinois graduate was walking to a Campustown grocery store around 7 pm on New Year's Eve. That's the last time his friends ever saw him.  
"I have no doubt that Cristian would [not] have up and left by himself or done this purposefully because he already had a plan," said his aunt, Jeannie Douglas. "He had his life planned out and he was always like that."

Surveillance cameras caught Zamora walking near Crystal Lake Park in Urbana later that night and that's where his family and friends gathered Saturday to renew the search effort for their loved one. Champaign police have been leading the investigation into his disappearance, but have had no luck with leads so far. They're hoping a break in the weather could lead to a break in the case.

"They are waiting for the weather to break again so they can search the lake over here, Crystal Lake, much better," said Douglas. "They already searched it but they believe that they want to do it again."

Until something is found, his mother will hold out hope.

"I always keep his bag in my trunk," said Carrion. "Because I have a dream that I run into him and he asks me, 'Mom, what's wrong with you?' And I go like, 'Where have you been?' And he's like, 'What do you mean, I've been here.'"

To turn Carrion's dream into reality, anyone with information about Zamora is asked to contact the Champaign Police Department.
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